My teen daughter has been wanting one of these name necklaces for a while. Whenever we find them at the stores, Name Necklace Rose Gold her name is always out of stock. When this arrived, she was more than thrilled. It’s nice looking and seems to be well constructed. The chain is a little on the cheap side, but it seems sturdy enough and the length is perfect. We have not had any issues with the color or tarnishing. The font is cute, too.

My wife was very surprised and loves this necklace. She said the length was great, something about a short distance or short neck so it fit her just right. Cheap Name Necklace No green or any other markings of discoloration have surfaced. This is most defiantly not a piece of tin. It is well crafted and a very nice piece. As I stated there has been no discoloring and I couldn’t say anything if you were to shower with it. As most people do, my wife takes care of her jewelry and we think this particular piece will last. Disclaimer: I received this at a discounted price or free
What a beautiful necklace. The thing I like about it is, it’s not just a beautiful necklace for the price, it’s just a beautiful necklace in general. For under $10 for a personalized necklace in my opinion is a great value. Name Necklace Not to mention it was eligible for Prime 2 day shipping. I’m very happy with the quality and the buying experience as a whole.

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