I’ve always wanted a name plate necklace but wasn’t sure I wanted to wear my own name because that would be a bit conceited in my opinion. Name Necklace Rose Gold I waited a few years and got married and had my first baby so I thought now would be a great time to wear my daughters name! This necklace is so cute and it fit well. I received this product at free or at a discount for my honest review. They give some extra links so that if the size isn’t long enough you could easily attach the extensions. They also provide instructions on handling and care for the necklace. In the future I will continue to buy this product and from this seller. My package arrived on time and unharmed. Cheap Name Necklace I’m going to be wearing this everyday…it looks easily stackable
Totally love this necklace and so does my daughter. I got it for her and she was soooo except yes to see her name on a necklace. It’s actually thick enough that the name will not break or anything. It’s very good quality. It’s gold plated and as of now she has not had any problems with it. She plays softball and wears it during her practices and doesn’t turn her neck or actual necklace a different color. I reviewed this product for free for review or discounted price.
It came in a cute little gift box that would be easy to wrap and give to someone as a present. It comes with a cleaning cloth with is nice because this thing is shiny. It does show finger prints if you touch it, Name Necklace but the cleaning cloth is great and that’s the price you pay for a gorgeous mirrored finish on this necklace.

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