I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Name Necklace Rose Gold The opinions expressed in this review are expressly mine and do not reflect on those of the company selling this product.
The chain itself you can tell is not the most expensive. It tangles whereas more expensive chains slide across itself, if that makes sense. A lot of the time with necklaces like these, you can tell they’ve been stamped out and the back is still rough. This necklace was shiny and smooth all the way arond and did not irritate me to wear it at all. I think it is a great length for a size 10 average sized womens neck. Cheap Name Necklace You can see in the picture where it lays which I
liked a lot. Not too high where it would be flipping over and I’d have to be fixing it constantly, and not too low where it is wide between my cleavage and uncomfortable to wear.While the chain is not the most expensive, I still think it is a small flaw in an otherwise perfect present. I think this necklace is very flattering, and I would definitely buy this as a gift or recommend it to someone.

I can’t say enough about this necklace. These kind of necklaces usually cost quite a bit of money. I got this one at a discounted price via AMZREVIEWTRADER! I love this necklace. This necklace fits perfectly. The name portion hangs evenly. The shine is beautiful. The lettering is clear. There are no jagged or strange looking edges that make the necklace look unfinished. Name Necklace There was obviously a lot of close attention paid to the making of this design. I would highly recommend someone get one of these necklaces.

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