Overall, it’s a nice product, especially for the price it comes at. Name Necklace Rose Gold The length is just fine, and it rests at a reasonable place on your chest. The gift box that it comes in, in addition to the cleaning cloth, is a nice addition. Note that the box does have slits cut into it so if you wanted to use it to store extra small jewelry, you can do that as well. It shipped quickly and came in well protected bubble wrap. The actual necklace itself is very light, and shines about as much as similar jewelry you would find in stores for its price. It’s obviously not going to be the fanciest thing you can find, but again, the price point definitely reflects this already. The name is a little smaller and thinner than originally expected, Cheap Name Necklace but by no means is it too small. The necklace strand is proportional and does not look too big or out of place. The gold coating and cut of the lettering is fine, and it has yet to chip or show any sign of wear. Hopefully, it will last for a good bit.

Firstly, you rarely find ‘Brittney’ spelled this way. So immediately ordered it. How cute is this?!?! I didn’t expect much of it but it made my day when it arrived. So cute! The chain on mine looked sort of discolored but I coated it with clear nail polish so that it will last a bit longer without wearing it everyday. I’ve gotten compliments and have had a few ladies ask where’d I get it. Name Necklace Glad I made this purchase. Came in a cute little box and on time. I received this at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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