Love this necklace! I bought it for myself. It is a thick cut of metal, Name Necklace Rose Gold so there are no sharp edges and the writing is clear, clean, and flowing. The letters are easy to read. The shine is fantastic and it really looks wonderful. It lays nice on the neck and no fading of the stainless steel name. The chain is also pretty sturdy. The clasp is big enough for big fingers to hook easily. It came in a cute small gift box with a bow.

This is prettier in person than on the photo. I got “Emma” in the silver for my nieces birthday coming up. She’s 12 and she’s going to love it! It’s very pretty and it’s really easy to read what it says. Cheap Name Necklace I’ve seen other necklaces where it’s hard to make out what it even says.

I’ve had it since summer it’s December so I’m assuming about 6 months, it still looks perfect i wear it in the shower almost daily and it hasn’t changed colors or anything. Really good deal.
I purchased this as a gift for my daughter. She really liked it. Name Necklace She is younger so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a necklace that she is more then likely going to lose n a little while. So this worked out perfect.

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